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Helpful advice and quality hardware

Whether you're looking for a certain tool or seeking advice on a project, Milwaukie Lumber's hardware section is sure to fit your needs. Not only do we specialize in construction hardware; we also serve as a local hardware store. Our employees are always willing to take the time to discuss your projects and recommend the right hardware for the job.


caulking and caulking guns. When sealing outside your home, Quad, Vulkem, and Sonolastic are second to none. We carry OSI silicone and Lexel for any sealing application. Polyseamseal by OSI offers
a variety of products for interior or exterior uses. To create an extra tough bond, use Titebond's Subfloor adhesive or QB300 construction adhesive. If you need to repair your roof, Blackjack can fill any hole. We also stock low VOC products in adhesive and caulk.


All of our stores carry Minwax and Watco stains and sealants. Color, wood, bondo, and water putty will hide flaws and holes. If you are staining an outside item use Sunfrog, Superdeck, Mesmers or Penofin. We offer spray paints, inverted paints, and solvents. If you forgot something at the paint store, visit us for brushes, rollers, edgers, sand paper, tarps, rags, or any other paint sundry.


Whether you're a hobbyist, wood worker, or need to repair something, we have a glue for you. Tightbond offers an excellent wood glue. Gorilla glue is known for the toughest bond on Earth. Simpson epoxies will hold concrete together. We also carry the Weldwood brand, fine makers of contact cement, ceramic adhesive, muti-floor adhesive, and carpet adhesive. If you're just looking to repair something small, select a Goop glue or Super Glue.


We stock a collection of products to hold your project together. These include Grabber wood, tile backer, and deck screws, Splitstop composite decking screws, C-deck wood, composite, and cabinet screws, Grip-Rite composite screws, roofing screws, and all the bits to create a lasting hold.

The Fastenmaster task-specific fasteners like LedgerLok, TimberLok, ThruLock, Cortex, and HeadLok form stronger building connections without pre-drilling. We stock Tree Island hand nails in sinkers, galvanized and brite box nails, galvanized and brite finish nails, galvanized casing nails, siding nails, shake nails, galvanized roofing nails, and ring shank nails. For pneumatic fasteners, we offer Grip-Rite, Senco, and Steelhead framing, siding, and finish nails in brites, galvanized, and stainless steel.

We stock hex bolts, lag screws, carriage bolts, split bolts, and parabolts in galvanized or zinc. If you're just trying to hang a picture, we carry molly bolts, EZ anchors, and other wall anchors. Ask our experts to suggest the best fastener for your project.

Hand tools

Milwaukie Lumber believes in stocking only quality, well-made tools. We carry Irwin and Stanley brands for most of our products. We offer hand saws, chisels, clamps, drill bits, screw extractors, tap and dies, screw drivers, wrenches, pipe wrenches, nail sets, knives, squares, and chalk boxes. We stock pry bars and wrecking bars produced by Enders Tools and Shark Corp. We also carry a wide selection of levels from professional grades like Stabila and Irwin to plastic Empire levels.

Choose from an excellent variety of tape measures. Stanley's Fat Max line offers a tape measure for every preference. Need to take something apart? The Fubar is a 4-in-1 tool for prying, splitting, board bending, and striking jobs. We carry hammers made by Stileto, Vaughn, Shark Corp, Stanley, Dalluge, and Dead On. We also stock sledges, mauls, and mallets.

In addition, you'll find saw blades and router bits for every need. We offer Marathons, Diablos, Matsushita, Hitachi fiber cement blades, diamond, metal, and concrete blades for every type of power saw and Lenox blades for jig saws, saw-alls, and hole saws. Never wait or pay for sharpening again with the Exchange-A-Blade program. Buy a power saw blade, router bit, or hole saw at one price; when it dulls, return it, and receive a new one for a reduced price. We also carry fiberglass step and extension ladders.


Milwaukie Lumber provides all the accessories for starting and finishing your drywall project, including grabber screws to fasten the sheetrock, cornerbead, fiberglass and paper tape, and Hamiliton's mud products. Hyde Tools popular drywall accessories make every job easier. Needing to repair drywall? We carry hole repair, spackle, drywall screen, and spray texture.


For those small electrical projects, we stock wire, nuts, tape, and boxes to get started and plugs, switches, and plates to finish. We carry light-grade to construction-grade extension cords and replacement ends. Working in the dark? We carry flashlights, work lights, and light bulbs.


Milwaukie Lumber is the perfect source for your emergency plumbing needs. We stock parts and pieces to stop leaky faucets and running toilets. We carry ABS, PVC, copper, and galvanized pipe fittings. For rain drains, we stock 3" and 4" ABS pipe along with the most popular fittings.


We carry a variety of professional-strength tools for landscaping and gardening. Choose from garden hoses, nozzles, round point and square shovels, bow rakes, splitting mauls, post hole diggers, and edgers. We also carry clean-up tools like soft and stiff garage brooms and dust pans.

Electric and pneumatic tools

Using the right tool for a project is critical. We stock an extensive selection of drills, sanders, saw-alls, routers, chop saws, worm drive saws, jig saws, angle grinders, impact drivers, framing nailers, palm nailers, siding nailers, and finish nailers. Let the professionals at Milwaukie Lumber help you select the best one for your needs. We carry Dewalt, Porter Cable, Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, and Skil power tools. In the pneumatics, our brands include Hitachi, Senco, Max, and Grip-Rite. We carry Rol-Air, Senco, and Grip-rite compressors. We offer accessories from air hoses, fittings, and tool oil. Use a Construction Master calculator to figure all of your project's lengths and angles.


Milwaukie Lumber stocks quality products to keep you organized, safe, and dry. The Vancouver location features a wonderful assortment of Carhart, including jackets, pants, and other items. We carry rain gearfrom manufacturers like Viking and Muck Boots. We also stock safety gear like ear plugs, safety glasses, roof anchors, hard hats, and harnesses. Atlas produces working gloves that feel natural on the hands. CLC and Ironclad gloves are designed for specific purposes and jobs. If you need products to carry tools, try Occidental bags and accessories. Their bags are well known for quality stitching and last for decades.

Building hardware

If you're just updating your home or need to build a shelf, Milwaukie Lumber can supply any of your hardware needs. We carry National brand hardware for hinges, latches, brackets, gate hardware, shelf supports, eye bolts, pulleys, and cleats. Stop in to see all of their designs and colors. We carry door knobs and lock sets, pocket door hardware, and keyed or combination locks.

Store Hours: M-F 7:00am-5:00pm  Sat 8:00am-noon